Anova Analytics Data Science Team Collaboration Platform

Did you implement a Big Data or Data Science project, and did the project hit it’s projections for deliverables or ROI? According to Surveys from MIT, Harvard, and Gatner, only 26% of Big Data/Data Science technology adopters have seen ROI from their investment, and only 15% have met their ROI targets. If you are looking for a better way to cross the data science skills, and ROI gap, then the Anova Analytics Team Platform is a solution to consider.

Our unified collaboration platform allows team members to collaborate in the cloud to explore, prototype, manage, deploy data science products (Data Models). We have combined 8 critical platforms and services into one easy to use, easy to access system.

Unified collaboration platform Includes:Anova Analytics Data Science Team Platform

  • Sprint Based Kanban Team Collaboration
  • RStudio & OwnCloud
  • Shiny & SciLab Prototyping & Development Environment
  • JupyterHub
  • SQL & PostgreSQL

The best part of this system is the available integrated training and support that Anova’s Data Team provides to increase your project’s successfully attaining all goals for milestones, deliverables and ROI. Small team per user seat licensing cost less than the the average seat cost of RStudio Server, and the estimated total cost of ownership is less than 1/10th the price of SAS or SPSS.

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