Data Science Consulting

Are you seeking to understand what data you have and how it can improve your business? We help you assess the types of data you own and see the insights it can provide.
Anova Analytics Predictive Analytical Model Process
We help you organize and systematize data collection so your company’s efforts lead to useful, high-quality, data with a good ROI. Finally, we help you discern the best ways to put data analytics to work for you in the context of your business needs, current and future.

Because Data science is a craft and as with most complex crafts one learns best by working with top-notch, experienced practitioners. Our team members have worked together over many years and deploy cross team integration with yours to get you up and running in no time. Over 200 analytics projects with tools like; R, Matlab, SAS, Python, Scala, Big Data, Azure, AWS, Hosted and On-Premise infrastructure. We are experts in data science; risk & fraud, web analytics, logistics, marketing analytics, scientific computing and simulation. Our methodology is time tested with decades of experience, training, and best practices. Our experts hold various levels of top education including; seven PhDs, twelve MS Degrees with an average of 20 years working as team. Together over 300 years of math modeling, data science, and analytics have led to success for projects. We have ready capacity to partner with you to build and monetize solutions, train, develop, and mentor your data driven decision making teams.

Customer relationships remain the number one initiative in analytics today. Yet organizations investing in customer analytics struggle to continuously evaluate and tune complex analytics models to keep up with customer trends. As part of the Anova Analytics Platform, customer analytics blueprints help; better understand your customers down to an individual level, deepen and increase meaningful customer engagements, and predict and influence customer behavior. All of this ultimately leads to increased revenue and market share. Whichever problem that you are searching for a solution Anova Analytics can step in and assist to provide an efficient and cost-effective method leading to success.